John D. Skov

What can I say about myself? I often feel like a Jack-of-all-trades, with my path through life touching on many different fields. 

I was lucky to have a geeky father growing up. Before I could read or write I was teaching my mom how to load the word processor on the family computer, and Atari 800. This lead to me having the ability to just "get" computers, more so than many of my peers. 

I have done just about every job you can think of, in IT: Tech support (walk in and telephone); server and network administration; wide area network engineering; adjunct professor of System Administration at a technical college; and network security technician in the Navy. To expand on this base of knowledge that I have, I decided that programming was the right path to follow. Now as for games, let me tell you a little about the other side of my world... 

In school I  was involved in the theater program. When I graduated I ended up as a Theater Arts major. I worked on many shows, in many different roles, before dropping out of college because it was not the right place for me. While there though - thanks to some great mentor-ship and my focus in Directing and Design, I developed the confidence that the images in my mind when I read something are valid, and others will want to see them. 

After the first run at college is when I joined the military. I served 9 years in places like Monterey, CA, the USS Kitty Hawk while she was in Japan, Diego Garcia, and The Pentagon, where I worked on national level military intelligence reports among other things.

I missed the creative side of my life, so I applied to DigiPen. I am not working in the video game industry just because I love to play games. No, I am here because I honestly think that the medium is the best medium out there right now for making an interactive emotional connection. I am here because I want to help people see, hear, and feel shared worlds and experiences. I believe in interactive storytelling, and I want to help shape the future of the medium in any way that I can. 

There are, obviously, many details not contained in this brief biography. But I don't want to spoil the fun for you, if we are to ever meet in person...