Tiq Nimal

The product of a single freshman semester of work, Tiq Nimal is a to down 2D puzzle game with light combat. The game is primarily based on sections of rooms that can be rotated, to change the path available to the player.

I was the lead designer for this project. Since this project started just weeks after the Mayan calendar supposedly indicated the end of the world, we chose a Mayan theme to the game. We moved forward with the story of Maya, the daughter of the chieftain of a Mayan tribe. Our protagonist is undergoing the test of leadership before she is allowed to take over for her sick father. If she is able to navigate the sacred temple and return to her people, she will be seen as approved by the gods. 

This game was written in C, and other than OpenGL and FMOD all components were written by the game team. 

As the Designer, I worked a lot on developing the story, the character, and making sure the look and feel of the game were consistent. Additionally, I was an engineer on the game, where I worked on some UI features like the menu, the health indicators, and I worked on the cut scene system. 

From one of the resources that I was able to find we researched the K'Iche' language to come up with the name: Tiq- to test; Nimal- Chieftain - Loosely translated we used it as "The Test of Leadership."