Robot Pirate Island

Robot Pirate Island is a 2D exploration platformer game that was made for the GAM2XX series of classes at DigiPen Institute of Technology. As a two semester project, it went through many iterations, at one point involving nothing about robots, noting about pirates, nothing about exploration, and nothing about platforms. As it was, the team was not as excited with the old game in the direction that it was headed, so we were able to reskin the engine and move forward with a game that we all consider to be vastly more fun than our first few ideas.

On the team I spent the majority of my time as Producer, keeping our team of 4 people on task and happily moving forward. Additionally, I was a programmer on this project, and I contributed to the Object Factory, the physics system, and a lot of general gameplay programming. We worked a lot in a pair programming mode, which allowed us to rapidly iterate and build of each other's ideas.

I was the producer for this game
I worked on core engine (object factory)
I worked on the physics (Euler integration)
I worked on gameplay programming